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ABOUT Systèmes de Filtration Purco

We are a family business specialized in residential and commercial water treatment for over 30 years.

Our customers come to us for our depth of experience and our outstanding customer service. Our mission is simple: to solve your water problems with efficiency, honesty and courtesy. Each case is handled with the utmost care in order to offer you impeccable service.

What Systèmes de Filtration Purco do for you


Managing your water problems

Leave your worries at the door, no water problem is too challenging for us. We will do everything in our power to solve your water-related problems as efficiently as possible. Whether you need help regarding limescale, rust, abnormal colour or taste, or undrinkable water, we will always have a solution for you.

Water analysis

We offer two types of water analysis: a bacteriological analysis ($100.00*) and a physico-chemical analysis ($60.00*). (*Taxes included)

The bacteriological analysis is used to detect bacteria in water that could be harmful to health. This analysis is often required when buying a house served by a well and when building a new residence. The physico-chemical analysis is used to determine if water contains minerals that can affect health and quality of life (colour, taste, iron, manganese, hardness, sulfur, tannin, etc.).

Repairing or installing
a water treatment

Purco is there to make your life easier when it comes to water treatment systems. We manufacture everything from water softeners and conditioners to iron filters and pH neutralizers. All our water treatment systems are custom designed and we will gladly make our way over to your home to install them.

We can also repair most existing water treatment systems and take care of their maintenance if needed.

It is now possible to do your water analysis online!

A drop deposit for your water analysis bottles and an online form now allow you to perform your analyzes outside of our opening hours.

Our turnkey formula offers you the peace of mind you need to solve your water problems.

In addition to making a diagnosis, we offer water treatment solutions adapted to your situation and your needs. Our team is passionate about water chemistry and takes great pleasure in continually sharing its knowledge with its clients.

It is our pleasure to accompany you in a professional manner throughout the sales, installation and service processes.

Did you know that untreated water can be harmful to your health and quality of life? Treated water will ensure that all harmful elements contained in the water you drink or use are eliminated.

Don’t wait any longer and have your water tested today!

Opt for a smart and efficient water treatment solution.

We offer our water treatment services in a very large radius.






What we guarantee you in terms of water treatment


Water treatment tailored to your needs


Superior customer service


A dedicated and attentive team of professionals


Personalized support


An exceptional quality-price ratio


Over 30 years of expertise

Contact us today to deal with the real water experts of Montreal’s North Shore.

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