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Sale of water treatment systems


Systèmes de Filtration Purco provides a wide range of products to meet all your water treatment needs. We manufacture devices such as water softeners, conditioners, iron filters, etc. according to the customer’s needs and the condition of the water. Your unit will be specially designed and custom assembled to solve your water problem(s).

Installation of water treatment systems

We offer installation services for all our water treatment systems. Our technicians will come to your home by appointment at a time that is convenient for you. They will ensure that the treatment machines are properly installed and programmed to ensure maximum efficiency of the water treatment systems. Our water treatment technicians will also take the time to explain the operation of your system and will be happy to answer any questions you may have.

If you are familiar with some plumbing principles, you can complete the installation yourself. We sell our systems all over the province, and we can guide you through the installation and start-up of your system. We can also guide your local plumber through the installation and, most importantly, the start-up.

Maintenance and repair of water treatment systems

Just like for any other water plant in the world, domestic water treatment equipment requires some maintenance, which will of course depend on the degree of contamination, the amount of water to be treated daily, the type of system, etc.

If your water always tastes good, has a nice colour, a good smell and the salt in your tank always goes down normally, then your water treatment system is working well. However, if your water changes (taste, colour, smell) or you notice that your salt is going down more slowly or not at all, then call us for a service call for your water treatment system.

Your equipment has corrected thousands of gallons of water. A service call may be necessary. No matter what the problem is, in all cases, a simple phone call is all that is required to begin the process of repairing, replacing, modifying or expanding your system so that it can continue to function properly.


Need replacement filters for your home? Purco has you covered! We carry all filter sizes and performance levels, and we also sell several ultraviolet lamps.

Actually, it’s pretty simple! If you have some skill or a desire to learn how to perform certain small tasks, we can provide you with some maintenance tips which will allow you to be more self-sufficient, especially if you are located in the suburbs. If not, we will be happy to plan a service visit according to your needs.

Modification and improvement

Sometimes the water quality of a well can change dramatically, and very often for the worse. If the system you currently own is “worn-out”, “poorly designed” or “outdated”, we can make the necessary modifications to improve its performance.


Some equipment, such as reverse osmosis water purifiers, needs to be sterilized at least once every two years.

Would you drink from the same glass of water for years without washing it? Probably not! The same goes for your well and some water treatment systems. They need to be sterilized. Although it is not a common practice, it is strongly recommended that you sterilize your well annually.

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