Water problems

Water problems are very much real and come in such a variety of mixtures that it is impossible to determine the quality of the water without an analysis.


Purco uses corrective measures for all forms of water problems. Water can be corrected to turn your home into a quality environment without compromise.


Limestone on the faucets

Hard water is water that contains too much calcium and magnesium, which means that it has a high level of limestone. Hard water is probably the most common water problem in the world. It causes grayish or white deposits on shower panes, toilet bowls and dishes. Hardness also builds up in faucets, pipes and water heater components, reducing their durability. In addition, hard water neutralizes the action of soaps and therefore leads to the use of more soap to obtain the same cleaning power.

The solution? A water softener!

Rust stains

Iron manifests in two ways :

  • Tap water comes out with a reddish colour: the iron is already in its ferric (oxidized) form.
  • Tap water comes out clear, but becomes increasingly reddish if left in a glass for a while. This is iron in its ferrous (non-oxidized) form.

The way to treat both types of iron is the same. Iron stains laundry and household appliances. In addition, it gives a metallic taste to water. These effects constitute a set of undesirable problems.

The solution? A catalytic carbon or a water softener!

Smell and taste

One of the most dire problems you can face is sulfur, which produces a smell generally described as rotten eggs or a petroleum-like product. Not only does sulfur make your water almost undrinkable, but it also causes the progressive decay of pipes and fittings. Furthermore, if sulfur gets into a water softener, it will shorten the lifespan of the unit by covering the filter material with a blackish, oil-like film that cannot be removed. It is therefore strongly recommended to treat the sulfur before passing your water through another water treatment system.

The solution? A catalytic carbon!

Smell and taste of chlorine

Drinking water should not have a taste. Often, municipal water can undergo multiple forms of treatment, each adding elements such as chlorine or other products that combine to finally reach your home, with results in some very surprising tastes. Municipal water from our rivers also often contains chemicals.

The solution? An activated carbon!



Yellowish water

Water with a consistent yellowish colour indicates the presence of tannin. It is the result of the decomposition of leaves, trees or other materials found in nature. Tannin can cause stains on laundry and in household appliances. The biggest drawback is of course the aesthetic appearance of the water. When filling a bathtub, for example, the more the water rises, the darker it becomes. It becomes less desirable to use.

The solution? A tannin conditioner!

Blue Stains

Have you observed blue stains in your bath, sink or shower? This could be a symptom of acidic water (pH of 6.9 and below). Water that is too acidic can corrode your plumbing from the inside out, leaving bluish stains in your sinks, shower or bath. The water can also quickly deteriorate your hot water tank. Acidic water prematurely degrades your home’s plumbing and hot water tank, as well as deteriorating the hot water tank’s sacrificial anode more quickly. This anode is “sacrificial”, meaning that it slowly disintegrates until it disappears completely. It prevents rust from attacking the hot tank.

The solution? A pH neutralizer!

Non-drinking water

Is there bacteria in your water that makes it unsafe to drink? Your water may contain bacteria for a variety of reasons. It is important to treat it so that you don’t make the people in your home sick with bacteria like E. coli.

The solution? An ultraviolet sterilizer!

Purco has the experience and the equipment required to remedy all your water problems. Whether it’s the problems listed above or any other problem such as alkalinity, nitrates, nitrogen, ammonia, manganese, lead, copper or silica, no problem is too big or too small for Purco.

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